Polari Press is a new publishing enterprise seeking out hidden voices and helping them be heard.

Polari Press draws on the design and editorial experience of our small creative team. Our aim is to make bijou print runs of “hi-niche” fiction & non-fiction, poetry, photography, artist catalogues and journals that stand out as beautifully bespoke and hand-crafted titles.

We are seeking submissions & proposals. As our launch year coincides with the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Gay Liberation Front, we are especially keen on documenting key stories, large or small, from the last fifty years of the LGBT Rights Movement.

Although Polari was spoken almost exclusively by gay and bisexual men, the nature of clandestine meetings of the mid 1900s when homosexuality was still criminalised brought together people from all walks of life who all had an influence on the language. Cockney, Romany and Italian languages mixed with the slangs of thespians, circus performers, wrestlers, sailors and wider criminal communities. Inspired by those origins, we seek involvement of people from any under-represented or marginalised group to share our perspectives with each other; building a collaborative platform for all of us.

Gentlemen is one of our first titles which will explore the culture of cottaging amongst gay men through photographic typologies of public toilets, interviews with people who have used them, and essays on the future of “relieving yourself” in public as we seek a more gender-neutral world.

As well as standalone books, we will print an annual Anthology featuring work by a variety of queer and marginalised voices. So we welcome submissions of individual writings or artworks throughout the year.