You Otter Know: The Omnibus

by Harry Clayton-Wright

design by Peter Collins. Cover photo by Ren Brocklehurst


224 pages


ISBN 978-1-914237-01-0

“BUMper book of FUN”

You Otter Know is a tender queer zine experience founded by Harry Clayton-Wright. Initially commissioned by Homotopia as part of their Queer Art Always series in the first lockdown as a response to the cancellation of live work due to the Covid-19 crisis as a way to make and deliver work safely. Born out of a love of the graphic design of vintage erotica and saucy top shelf publications from the 70s, 80s and 90s, four issues of the zine were released digitally between June 2020 – June 2021.

Now is your chance to own a very special limited edition print omnibus, featuring work from all four issues and some new and unseen bonus content. Featuring art, humour, glossy photo spreads, illustrations, poetry, new writing and important life lessons from Harry Clayton-Wright and friends. Exploring sexuality, chronicling insights into sobriety, regaling entertaining personal history and sharing the many lessons learned from a heady career in show-business.

Featuring work by: Harry Clayton-Wright, Travis Alabanza, TS Bodaysha, Fatt Butcher, Laura Catlow, Le Gateau Chocolat, Emma Frankland, David Hoyle, Krishna Istha, Brendan Maclean, Brian and Karl, Holly Revell, Catherine Mugonyi, Stuart Linden Rhodes, mandla rae, Jose Loves Life, COAX, Garth Gratrix, Simba, STUDIOGRABDOWN, Symone, Claire Griffiths and David Wilson.

Digital issues made possible with the help and support from Abingdon Studios, Homotopia, Marlborough Productions and Arts Council England.